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My atypical 4th of July Post

July 04, 2011 | 2 Minute Read

Usually on this day, American bloggers will write a post on the freedom and independence of the United States of America, about the men and women who have died to protect it, and how American democracy and values are super-important.

It’s not that I disagree–well, not totally–with that, but everyone does it. And I found something else I want to rant about from the art world. So I’m going to creep you out with this.

That’s right: my 4th of July post is going to be about photography of organs in water.

I’m not going to put any pictures here, in case you don’t want to see. But suffice to say, its gross, its disgusting, and I dare say it drives home my point on “art” far better than the stuff in the Smithsonian. I mean, just look at its “theme:”

Liquid Ground offers a challenge to dominant modes of presenting the body’s interior, by rejecting the celebration of gore and horror, and likewise challenging the clinical neutrality sought within medical discourse. Despite the potential for morbidity in the subject matter, the works become strangely compelling evocations of our visceral fragility and the entwined nature of our biological and cultural selves.

Then take a look at the comments, including my favorite:

I’m sorry, if I find that floating in the water, I’m not going to awed by “our visceral fragility” or “the entwined nature of our biological and cultural selves”..

I’m going to hurl and call the fucking police.

To the person who wrote that, thank you. You are a normal human being in a very crazy world. As for those who actually said they found it “beautiful,” well, you’re disgusting. And probably crazy. They’re not beautiful, they’re sickly looking. And don’t tell me art is “subjective.” I know that and accept it. But this is just human organs floating in water. That’s gross. And if you think its gorgeous, beautiful “art,” well, I’m not sure I want to associate with you, because you scare me.

Yes, I am harsh. But that’s the truth. Apologizes for creeping out your 4th of July.