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COPS: Disgusting

January 22, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

I’m reading Kelley Vlahos’ article in The American Conservative on the 25-year old reality TV show COPS, and one thing really disgusted me:

And though the COPS team is emphatic that it works within the law, the show has been the target of civil rights complaints and other grievances from the start. Its producers were accused in 2011 of coercing an 18-year-old African American boy into signing a waiver that would allow them to show his face on television after he was detained (in dramatic COPS fashion — “three knees in my back and my neck”) for loitering in a Tampa county park after dark. He complained later that while handcuffed in the squad car, he was told by a COPS producer that if he didn’t sign the waiver, he would go to jail.

He signed “out of fear,” he told news reporters, and was soon released on a misdemeanor.  Meanwhile, he’s afraid his image will be out there forever, his face on the ground. “I might not be able to get a job,” he said. “They show reruns and reruns.”

That’s beyond disgusting. First, if it’s not illegal already, it should be. Second, it is downright immoral. That this TV show is run by self-centered, immoral jackasses who defraud young, uneducated kids just to score some more ratings makes me furious. Does anyone here respect people? Does anyone here understand the meaning of “standards?” I guess not. Nothing matters any more.

I hope COPS goes off the air, and then real life cops around the country start getting re-educated on what their jobs really are.

I encourage you to read Kelley’s piece from top to bottom. It’s a great read, and I assure you, it’s not what you would think is “normal conservative” material.