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April 09, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

cavecat_milkStrangely enough, I had a discussion earlier on Facebook today with people over the paleo diet. I think the paleo diet is rather strange, cultish, and is more creepy when you consider that a lot–and I mean, a lot–of libertarians try it.

Anyways, after this discussion and a couple of others on diet, I found this hilarious story from BuzzFeed with the picture above.

Let it be known I will never, EVER, give up my milk. I love it far too much. Yes, I drink 2%, and I think I will switch to 1%. But I will never, ever give it up.

I’ve explained how much I love milk before. Here’s my lengthy, indepth treatise on the subject. Suffice to say, I love it quite a lot, and consider it indispensable. I drank a gallon of milk every two days as a child, and while I don’t hit quite that stratospheric number, I have never given it up.

And I never will.

In other news, I am contemplating trying Volumetrics.