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Nanoarchism / Nanarchism Bookmark

June 26, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

I am not writing a political post. (I am not writing a political post. I am not writing…) I am merely bookmarking something for later reference here where I can easily find it. But since it is interesting, I also want to share it.



I broadly identify with the “left-wing market anarchist” view but not literally with any “anarchism”. Rothbardians specifically (including left-Rothbardians) are clearly minarchists rather than literal anarchists. I call them “nano-archists” or “nanarchists”. The problem with various formulations of “anarchism” is precisely the denial of a state, which these formulations nonetheless suppose, blinding proponents to potential weaknesses of their formulation.

Even supposing that Rothbardian property rights constitute a sufficient system of justice, why expect people to respect these rights? “Private enforcement agencies” is no answer to this question. An enforcement agency need not enforce Rothbardian property rights, and I don’t imagine Rothbardian rights emerging from the interaction of many, competing enforcement agencies either.

We already have many, competing enforcement agencies. They are states, and they’re forever warring with each other without ever much enforcing Rothbardian property rights. Rothbard actually assumes a state enforcing particular standards of propriety universally, somehow constraining competing enforcement agencies to the enforcement of only these particular standards. Any meaningful analysis of his system or any similar system requires an explicit account of this state.

No offense meant to martinbrock for copying his comment here. But it is that good.