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On blogging (and writing)

October 22, 2013 | 2 Minute Read

[Scoville Blogs Again George Scoville](http://www.georgescoville.com/2013/10/george-scoville-new-blog-relaunch/).

The above post is from my good friend and mentor George Scoville, without whom I would not be fighting the good fight in our nation’s capitol. George supported me when I was an intern at the Cato Institute, and helped me get into social media and really learn communications and advocacy.

Anyways, he’s just restarted his blog, gave it a makeover (and he didn’t call me, sniff), and also gave a little bit of a mission statement. He noted how he’s siloed all his blogging into various different outlets, believing that a blog “should have an explicit mission — some kind of statement of purpose, to help keep you focused” but that now he is “eschewing” (love the use of that word) that logic and just going with whatever.

I heartily approve, and I was already thinking about this over the past couple of days. I really wanted this blog to be a writing blog, not about politics or theology or that sort of thing but to track my progress as a writer. As you can see, my progress has been dismal. I could blame a lot of external things for that, but the long and the short of it is that I feel I never have time and let myself get distracted. I need to fix that and I intend to do so over the coming months. Part of it was trying out a new program called Scrivener; it’s not bad but I feel that it was more of an impediment than anything as instead of wanting to eagerly jump in the work I just felt “Aw, jeez, I still gotta test that thing out” and it created a psychological block.

Also, I like pontificating on topics.

But the real point to be made here is about having a mission for your blog. I hear that from a lot of people. Have an angle, have a focus. That’s the only way people will pay attention to you. But I beg to differ. Sure, if you’re running a specific blog for a specific thing, fine. Or if you’re doing something professional. But if you’re writing a blog because you’re like George and I, because you need to write, then just write. As long as your style and interests come through, as long as you’re not boring, people will read.

Enough with the focused angle stuff. Not everything is marketing. Just do it. That’s what I do. And judging from the increased comment count on my recent posts, I’m doing something right.

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