Finding the Right VR Platform, Part 2

In this post, I will update the assignment given in the previous post, with the new questions after evaluating AR technology and what comes next in VR.

How would Augmented Reality better help teach your experience?

AR would allow students to learn about the physics without needing a solar system. They could throw something and the headset could project a line tracing the object’s arc. It could also display airtime, how much force the student used throwing the object, and let the student see how changes affect the arc. Throwing things is fun, especially if you have a HUD giving you technical data like in a big budget science fiction movie. That’ll get them interested in physics.

How could eye tracking help you better tailor your experience to your students?

It should reduce eye fatigue, at the very least making it a more comfortable experience.

How would better Haptics better teach your experience?

If you could have different kind of textures and feels for objects made of different materials (rock, ice, gas, plasma), you could explain relative densities and more advanced solar system topics.

How important is graphical fidelity to your experience?

Better graphics will always make the experience more enjoyable (at least, up until the uncanny valley effect comes into play). However, there’s definitely a point beyond which increases in fidelity will generate little functional return for this type of program. Indeed, that point is probably where the Vive is right now (or perhaps over the next year or two, at most.)

How critical is it that your target student receives this training within the next two years?

For the student in the persona, Harvey, it might be somewhat critical as he is growing bored with his studies and needs something to keep him engaged. However, both for that persona specifically and for students in general, I don’t think it’s very critical that they get this kind of training in the next two years. If they go into space travel, whether joining NASA or SpaceX, these would be important topics to understand, but not having this VR app would not be crippling.