My name is Jeremy. I’m a libertarian, an ignostic (or if that word is too confusing, an atheist), a fan of science fiction, an adherent of technology, and a sworn enemy to collectivism, war, stupidity, bad writing, and the slavish devotion people give to William Shakespeare.

I am not a caricature. I am a living, breathing human being, one with nuances and layers of complexity. I am not a fan of large corporations, but neither am I of a massive state leviathan. I am not a supporter of war, unless it is in self-defense. I do not support wealth redistribution, both because it is an act of coercion and does not help the people it purports to help. I love the environment and do not wish to see it despoiled, and believe that nature is held in common by all humanity. I do not find the question of whether or not god exists to be meaningful and relevant, so while I do not “believe” in a deity, I do not “not believe” in one either.

I write. That part should be painfully obvious, considering this is a blog (if one does not like to write, but feels that one must, one gets a Twitter.) The point of this blog to showcase my writing, and use it to advertise my writing skills. While I could work as a technical writer or a public relations specialist (indeed, the latter intrigues me, depending on the cause) my real interest lies in writing science fiction literature and screenplays. So expect a great deal of discussion on this topic, while I simultaneously slam writers who I feel are undeserving of the popularity they receive (re: Shakespeare, Wharton, Strunk, White, Rand, etc. Yes, Rand. I do not like her writing, although I’m going to read more of her stuff on a friend’s recommendation.)

Enter at your own peril, although the only thing threatened by traversing these virtual spaces are your own preconceptions. And in a world as dynamic as ours is today, having our preconceptions threatened is a good thing.

(Nothing written on this blog should be construed to represent the opinions of any publication or institution that I may write for or be affiliated with. All opinions here are mine and mine alone.)