A Truly American Centrism

Before this week continues into the bloody mess that is the Healthcare.gov website, and the PR fiasco Obamacare is becoming for liberals and Democrats, I wanted to examine something far more promising and hopeful for America: that of the growing, silent middle. Last week, a study from Esquire and NBC News identified a “New American [...]

Response to Kevin Vallier: Um, no, Christian belief is not reasonable

I am a huge fan of the website Bleeding Heart Libertarians. It’s one of the few blogs I read that is genuinely intelligent and intellectual, and while that’s probably because I don’t read too many philosophy blogs, it also makes it one of the most enjoyable. Unfortunately, every so often you get a dud. And, [...]

Interesting discoveries in “God is Not Great”

I am in the middle of Chapter Eight of God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten around to it before. It’s actually a superb book, in that Hitchens is just a great writer, and his British tone is absolutely delightful to read. Chapter Six, on [...]

My pithy statement on Manning

I am in full favor of morphologial freedom. I support everyone’s right to self-ownership, which includes the power to change one’s gender. I do not take issue with transgendered or transsexual Americans. I am not a conservative, and do not buy conservative arguments that one cannot change that. If we are to respect people as [...]

.@pzmyers smears Michael Shermer, and I have a hunch why

It appears that PZ Myers, long a bomb-throwing, shit-stirring sort of atheist, has decided to just smear Michael Shermer with allegations that Mr. Shermer is a rapist. As the above video explains quite well (and within the first three minutes) the entire story just smacks of falsehood. And even if it is true, why is [...]

Libertarians: Don’t Bother With The Confederacy

I think the most telling words are right in the beginning: “In the struggle for liberty, the symbols that we choose matter a lot. It matters how people perceive us. It matters what those symbols really mean.” Too many libertarians that I know of don’t recognize this simple fact. They go around spouting all sorts [...]

My Friend Suffered Because Police Are Out Of Control

I really need to pay attention to my Facebook feed more often. A friend of mine, Crissy Brown, who I worked with last year, was arrested, thrown in jail, strip-searched, and detained for hours back in July–all because she didn’t pay a ticket for an expired license plate in a timely manner. That is just [...]

The Money Quote on Today’s MSM

From Walter Russell Mead of Via Meadia over at The American Interest. My emphasis in bold: The rise of new publications like IBT illustrates the reality that the public still wants and needs news. Indeed, the global hunger for real news, useful filters and helpful analysis is growing. What isn’t growing is the desire to [...]