My atypical 4th of July Post

Usually on this day, American bloggers will write a post on the freedom and independence of the United States of America, about the men and women who have died to protect it, and how American democracy and values are super-important. It’s not that I disagree–well, not totally–with that, but everyone does it. And I found [...]

Libertarianism at the Smithsonian?

The other day, in my eternal fight against the wickedness of writer’s block, I went to the National Museum of African Art to jog my senses. I figured it might do me some good, and it’s the last bit of the Smithsonian (other than the Aquarium) that I haven’t seen yet. I did not seriously [...]

On the dangers of “Art”

Art is a funny thing. Many people chase after it, unhappy with their works because it is not truly “art,” and they are not yet “artists.” But what is art? Quite frankly, I find a lot of art to be crap. And now its starting to get dangerous. In the literary and dramatic world, I’m [...]