Sorority Girl Email: How We Laud & Coddle Bullies And Forget The Bullied

Last week, an email from a sorority girl in Maryland went viral, thanks to Gawker, and–to use the vocabulary of its author–it’s fucking horrible. I was going to write about this last week, but I didn’t; however, the issue has recently “concluded.” Let’s go over the letter itself, then focus on the reactions, which I [...]

I’m a horrible bastard, probably

Tim Carney: An awful loss, a beautiful life, a daunting task | I’m sure, after you read the linked story above, and read what I’m about to say, you are going to think what the headline says (except I’m the bastard, not you. Probably.) The above story is from Tim Carney, a columnist at the Washington [...]

Dear Social Conservatives: Just stop the hate

Sometimes, I read something, and I don’t really write about it for days or even weeks afterwards. In this case, I’m still not sure what to say about this piece from Stephen Crowder at, but I’m going to try and say it anyway: Can all of the real men in this country please stand [...]

Thoughts About The Earthquake

It was an earthquake. I didn’t realize it at first. I thought they were moving something heavy through, or a fat guy walked past. You get that in the cafeteria sometimes, those little wavy sensations that make you realize that flat plane you call a “floor” doesn’t necessarily have to be perpendicular to your body. [...]

New Title, New Frame of Mind

First, my Internet is down (again) so I’m typing this fromy new Android phone. Please excuse any typos and it’s relative brevity; I wanted to write a longer piece, but, well… I’ve been extremely busy the past week, finishing up one day job and looking for another. But I’ve still been plugging away on this [...]