Why I’m A Little Sad For Google+ (And What These Companies Are Doing Wrong)

Report: Google to end forced G+ integration, drastically cut division resources | Ars Technica Google+ seems to be the red-headed stepchild of social media networks – an image not helped by the fact that its branding is all, well, red. But in any case, Google+ has never received the support and attention that other networks [...]

Social Media Vacay Report

Broke my vacay a couple of times in the past 48 hours to first post on Facebook and then post a couple of articles to Twitter. Not doing so well. Must…resist….

Social Media Vacay

Everyone tells me I need to be on social media if I want my stuff promoted. I gotta be on there to be heard, to be seen, to get things done. If I’ve learned anything in the past few years, though, it’s that that may not be necessarily true. Indeed, social media has some serious [...]

Social Media, Privacy, Passwords, and Who Gives A Rat’s Pajamas

There is apparently a new and worrying trend where employers are asking for job candidates’ Facebook account passwords: When Justin Bassett interviewed for a job, he was stunned when the interviewer asked for something more than his experience and references: his Facebook username and password. The New York statistician had finished answering a few character [...]

Facebook, I don’t understand you

In which I drone on at length about how I don’t understand Facebook’s design decisions, or it’s Apps. BTW, as an aside, I have enabled OpenID. Hooray!