Random Writing Excerpt – Janzer

A random bit of writing I did on a piece of paper one day. It would be the opening for a novel form of that short story I worked on last year, called “Janzer.” It might happen. It might not.

On The Need To Stop Choking

I was doing some job searching, and one area I was looking into was English teaching in Japan. I spent a year in Japan while in college, and I must tell you, it was one of the best times of my life. I spent Halloween night alone on a mountain covered in torii, as part [...]

New Title, New Frame of Mind

First, my Internet is down (again) so I’m typing this fromy new Android phone. Please excuse any typos and it’s relative brevity; I wanted to write a longer piece, but, well… I’ve been extremely busy the past week, finishing up one day job and looking for another. But I’ve still been plugging away on this [...]

Editing “Janzer”

So I’m typing up this story, which I’m tentatively calling “Janzer,” and I’ve noticed that it’s currently at 6,359 words. This is not exactly a good thing. I’m certainly not done with it yet. There are more scenes to type up, at least three or four. And the upper limit for short stories, which this is [...]