Internet Access

You know, we’ve become too fixated on the internet. It’s gotten to a point where, if we have a computer that is unable to connect, said computer is useless. Want to edit a video using Adobe? Sorry, you need the internet to verify your program. Want to see if you can upgrade to Windows 7? [...]

Social Media, Privacy, Passwords, and Who Gives A Rat’s Pajamas

There is apparently a new and worrying trend where employers are asking for job candidates’ Facebook account passwords: When Justin Bassett interviewed for a job, he was stunned when the interviewer asked for something more than his experience and references: his Facebook username and password. The New York statistician had finished answering a few character [...]

Pencil to Paper

In this day of smartphones, iPads, cloud software, and 8-core CPUs, I find that the best tool to write a novel or a story is a notebook. No no, you fool, not an Alienware m14 (though that is very attractive), I mean a notebook. You know, a book, where you write notes in it. Don’t [...]

2012 Predictions

Since a couple of my friends are posting their predictions for 2012, I figured I would get in on it too: Political Ron Paul wins Iowa and New Hampshire, has not terrible but not great either performances in South Carolina and Florida, and then flames out afterward (but sticks around until the convention) Gary Johnson [...]

Abiword vs OpenOffice (AKA I Want to Shoot Myself in the Face)

I’ve used OpenOffice for years, because I’ve never seen the point in paying over $100 just to be able to type some words out (and, also, I hate Office 2007 and its craptacular user interface.) Recently, I just switched to a dual-boot installation of Linux, because I was noticing that Windows is really quite bloated. [...]

FTL Neutrinos confirmed?

Apparently: The OPERA collaborative in Italy, which stunned the physics community in September by claiming they had detected neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light, has completed a second run of tests in the hopes of reducing the uncertainty of the result. They have submitted their findings for peer review, but the group has [...]

Checking in on Cold Fusion

Success for Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat cold fusion system, but mysteries remain (Wired UK) So, remember that cold fusion test I blogged about a little while ago? I decided to check in again on it, to see if it was a success, because I hadn’t heard, well, anything in the news about it. And the answer [...]

Too Much Information Damages Your Reputation

TMI Nation – Reason Magazine. I love Reason. They’re one of the best magazines out there. It’s not just because they’re libertarian, but because they also cover technology, policy, and even occasionally stuff like transhumanism and science. They do a lot of things. The above link is an article by Greg Beato on how, in [...]

We need more POWAAAAH!

Cold Fusion: Future of physics or phoney? (Wired UK). Today is set to be the start of a new era of cheap power, as a new type of low-cost nuclear reactor goes live in front of an audience of scientists and media representatives in Bologna. Once the mystery customer who commissioned the device has confirmed [...]

Advertising? Slick design? Who needs it?

About a week ago, I was at my sister’s house in upstate New York visiting, and she told me about this wonderful thing called X10. It’s a company that develops “home automation systems,” allowing you to control your lighting, doors, appliances, and everything remotely, or set up schedules for turning things on or off or [...]