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I’m not entirely happy with the Twenty Eleven theme anymore. Having worked in web development for a few months now and created some responsive websites for people, I’ve seen the different options out there and I think I can do better. Though at the moment I don’t really see any themes I like, which makes me think I should go build my own. That would be a mistake, probably.

All I know at this point is that I want to use United Nations blue as the background color and mayhaps Idlewild for the headline font, if I can figure out a way to do it. Probably end up using Lato, though, for everything. Lato & Calibri.

Man, I am wasting too much time on this. I need to get back to writing.

Transformers Alternates

Just a thought, but you know, I’ve always wondered, why did they never do something like a crossover between Ghost in the Shell or The Matrix? I have this funny image of Major Kusanagi sitting on the shoulder of Optimus Prime with a data cable running between them, exchanging some thoughts on how Batou and Ratchet are quirky people. (Okay, so I know the real reason–different scifi subgenres, and totally different audiences) but I really think something like that would be cool.

And while we’re on the subject, something else that might be cool, is seeing what would happen if Autobots and humanity merged to become one new race, both mechanical and biological. Maybe that would be the Maximals of the future, and then they would end up crashing backwards in time and seeing the Autobots take down the Decepticons once and for all, while trying to stay out of the way and not influence the timeline. Kinda like Star Trek: First Contact. Only with giant transforming robots and little transforming robots.

Ah, who am I kidding. These things are way too cerebral for Transformers. But it would be so cool!

Amazon Affiliate Links

I’ve started using Amazon affiliate links for the books I have in the ebook widget on the sidebar. It’s a new thing that I’ve decided to try out, and it seems to be pretty cool.

I mean, hey, if I’m going to show you what I’m reading, the best thing I can do is give you a direct opportunity to buy the book, and maybe get some money for it.

Nanoarchism / Nanarchism Bookmark

I am not writing a political post. (I am not writing a political post. I am not writing…) I am merely bookmarking something for later reference here where I can easily find it. But since it is interesting, I also want to share it.



I broadly identify with the “left-wing market anarchist” view but not literally with any “anarchism”. Rothbardians specifically (including left-Rothbardians) are clearly minarchists rather than literal anarchists. I call them “nano-archists” or “nanarchists”. The problem with various formulations of “anarchism” is precisely the denial of a state, which these formulations nonetheless suppose, blinding proponents to potential weaknesses of their formulation.

Even supposing that Rothbardian property rights constitute a sufficient system of justice, why expect people to respect these rights? “Private enforcement agencies” is no answer to this question. An enforcement agency need not enforce Rothbardian property rights, and I don’t imagine Rothbardian rights emerging from the interaction of many, competing enforcement agencies either.

We already have many, competing enforcement agencies. They are states, and they’re forever warring with each other without ever much enforcing Rothbardian property rights. Rothbard actually assumes a state enforcing particular standards of propriety universally, somehow constraining competing enforcement agencies to the enforcement of only these particular standards. Any meaningful analysis of his system or any similar system requires an explicit account of this state.

No offense meant to martinbrock for copying his comment here. But it is that good.

More Op-Eds

I’m back in the op-ed writing business.

One piece, on how CPAC (which just concluded) screwed everything up, is now available at FITSNews.com. And yes, it is called “CPAC Is Doing It Wrong.”

The other piece, about an event at the Cato Institute on social media and drug violence in Mexico, is available on theblaze. Yes, Glenn Beck’s website.

Hopefully I will have more material up on both of these sites again soon. I like both of them a lot.

This is why I’m an igtheist

Comment #532550 – Igtheism and Ig-belief – RichardDawkins.net.

The money shot:

As it seems that only way belief in God can survive is for believers to say that God is too mysterious to subject to science, then it’s perfectly reasonable to take them at their word and say that the idea of God is therefore nonsense.

Otherwise, it’s rather like playing a game with a young child who holds their empty hand behind their back and asks you to guess what they are hiding. Whatever you guess they will say “no” and giggle. The problem with modern theology is that we aren’t dealing with children, and believers are convinced that their empty hand holds God.

A comment from an excellent essay, written here.

Also, do read this blog post by the “Advocatus Atheist.” It also does a better job than I ever had about summing up my igtheism (although this blogger uses the term “ignosticism,” they are completely interchangeable.)

EDIT: Another good thing I found on the web, and surprisingly, it’s from Yahoo Answers of all places:

Igtheism is not a term that embraces atheism. Atheism is a belief that there is no god, a + theism i.e. ‘no-god’. To assert that, you would need to have some concept of the thing it is the existence of which you are denying. The term igtheism is ig + theism i.e. ignorance of what the term ‘god’ means; even a denial that it means anything at all. So an igtheist is not denying that god exists, they are denying that the term ‘god’ actually refers to anything meaningful at all. In that case it would necessarily be quite impossible to deny that it exists, just as it would be impossible to assert that it does. A possible response to the igtheist’s position would be to explain what the term ‘god’ does mean. Since so far nobody seems to have been able to do that except in the vaguest and most vacuous terms, e.g. a ‘something up there’ or ‘the uncaused cause of it all’, igtheism would seem to be a reasonable stance. But it is very different from atheism.

I don’t think that igtheism is “very different from atheism.” I think it’s actually closely related, and that it’s more of a subtle difference–but it is a difference, and it does have implications.

I brought this up in a discussion with a guy who claimed that igtheism and atheism is the same thing–which I think is true only in a colloquial, “well we don’t believe” sort of way–and said that it was atheism because of the “soft atheism” definition. That’s the idea that there are two main flavors of atheism: soft, which is “I don’t believe in god,” and hard, which is “god doesn’t exist.” But I’ve always thought that to be a distinction without a difference. If we’re talking about things that supposedly exist beyond the natural realm and are thus meaningless in the sense the Advocatus Atheist puts forward, isn’t saying you don’t believe in them a total denial of them? It’s the same thing. Get over it.

How you know politics is beyond stupid

From some random reading on Wikipedia:

2009 – Dale Swenson, Kansas State Representative from Wichita switched January 12, 2009 moments after being sworn into office as Republican for eighth term [48] In 2010, Swenson’s Democratic opponent in 2008, Leslie Osterman, switched to Republican and defeated Swenson.[49]


That’s right. Candidate A switches from Republican to Democrat. Candidate B, his opponent, then switches from Democrat to Republican.

And you think the two parties are actually different.

Little note

I’ve added the ability to log in via Facebook to comment. Originally I disabled this feature as I was uninterested in having the actual Facebook commenting thingy, because I think there is some value to anonymity on the Internet. Fortunately, this new one allows you a choice, and I don’t think it has the full on Facebook commenting system, it just uses your account to identify you if you so choose.

I will have more content for this blog shortly. Oh yes, I will have more, much more…